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Welcome Back mg官方电子平台 Families!
It has been quite a year so far. The mg官方电子平台 PTFA has been joining forces, working together for the benefit of all of our remote and in-person students and parents in Glen Cove PS/ES, Glen Cove MS, Richmond Hill HS and mg官方电子平台 at Woodside. Everything is different this year - no live in-person events, socials, or pizza parties. The principals have suggested some online events that could be available to our students, and PTFA will support and cover those costs. Once we can start hosting events, we will reach out to ask for donations for each event at that time.
The mission of the PTFA remains:
  • to assist our teachers in providing special activities and celebrations for students of mg官方电子平台 and is achieved by raising funds and parent contributions for the benefit of our students and staff
  • to build community among our mg官方电子平台 families to support each other and build a strong parent network, by completing our family directory and forming connections to support one another
If you have any questions, please contact us:
  • mg官方电子平台 Preschool/Elementary School Rana Henderson
  • mg官方电子平台 Middle School Dorothy Pinlac
  • mg官方电子平台 High School Patty Henne 
  • mg官方电子平台 at Woodside  - Currently looking for a volunteer: please contact PTFA or administration